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Nouvelle vie

New life

This is it, here we are! The whole family has been in Porto for 1 month already, after a 4 days trip from our native Burgundy to this city that will welcome us for the next 12 months at least.

This idea has been in our heads for 2 years. With Quentin, we came to see the Azulejos a few times a year to follow the production of our linens, and enjoy the ocean. And when it was time to go back, it was with a touch of gloom that we left behind the undefeated city as it likes to be called.

So we decided to come back with the kids and never leave again. A one-way ticket for the adventure that was going to be written for 6. Billie having joined us during the preparation of this family project.

When we arrived, the first impressions confirmed that everything was in place for us to spend a year out of the ordinary, and so different from our daily life in Burgundy. On Wednesdays, after school, it's beach time for everyone. On weekends, we enjoy the Douro and the Eléctrico, the traditional electric train that runs through the city.

We still have a thousand things to do in Porto before returning home. Unless it's here at home...

See you soon for the next adventures of Poudre Organic in Portugal,
Manon & Quentin

Les vacances

The holidays

This year the summer holidays have a special flavour. It's the first holiday for the six of us, and it's also the first post-confinement holiday. So we chose a destination that was both close and far away. A bit of the sea, a bit of the countryside too, it's at the Maison Plûme that we put our bags down for a few days.

Jeanne and Simon welcome us in their lovely house on the banks of the Seine, a few steps from Le Havre, Rouen, the cliffs of Etretat and the charming Honfleur.

The first day will be spent on the pebble beach and shellfish at Yport, a small fishing village that has kept all its authenticity and that had already seduced us during our first visit.

The second day will be devoted to Le Havre with a visit to the MuMa (for André Malraux Museum of Modern Art), and no doubt a little tour of the seaport, before returning not too late to enjoy our cosy room.

A bike ride later, it will be time for the children to sleep, and for us to enjoy a little tea while watching the sun set over the Seine.

And if you want to see more, well you'll have to come because words will never replace the feeling of tranquillity that reigns here...

To book, go here

See you soon,

Manon & Quentin


Shooting, collection permanente.

Shooting, permanent collection.

Shootings at Poudre Organic are always a highlight. The preparation beforehand is intense, and the D-day passes in a fraction of a second. Finding the place, the models, and then the atmosphere that will make this series of photos a unique story. And for this permanent collection, we chose a timeless place.

Flooded with sunlight, lulled by the light of late spring, the Couvent des Ormes exudes peace and serenity. Perfect to represent this collection of timeless clothes that will be worn by our children next summer, but also by those who come after.

Marie (@petitsweet) and her eye for what we want to convey with our clothes takes her lens and captures moments in all the rooms of the old convent.

And these shootings are also an opportunity to gather the whole Poudre Organic team in a unique atmosphere. And in this post-confinement period, it's really good to see them all again.

The photos will be available in January when the collection goes online. And in the meantime, we offer you some backstage pictures : )

See you soon,
Manon & Quentin

Chez Elodie, @sweetdreamphotography.

At Elodie's, @sweetdreamphotography.

Is the fabric an important element for you when choosing a garment?

"I like soft and comfortable materials, especially for children. They need to be comfortable to move as they wish. I prefer pretty natural materials like linen, cotton gauze, wool or even organic cotton."

What materials do you favour and why?

"I like linen for its eco-friendliness and it's super resistant, perfect for our little monsters. I like cotton gauze for its comfort, its softness and above all there is no need to iron. I like wool for its comforting softness, and the fact that it keeps warm (I'm very cold)".


Is the choice of color random or do you stick to a particular palette?

"For colors, I prefer warm shades and natural colors (earth, ochre, camel, sand, ecru...) and otherwise rather basic jeans and black & white.

For you, what is the essential basic in your children's wardrobe?

"A basic? Pomelo jeans are great, we love them and the cut is perfect.

You have 'carte blanche' to create a Poudre Organic love silhouette?

"This season's favorite: Mure almond milk jacket, pomelo jeans or denim bloomer, a bourrache linen almond milk t-shirt, a scarf around the neck or tied in the hair."

De nouveaux horizons

New horizons

The current period of lockdown will have reinforced one idea, that time is precious. And that it is probably time to stop chasing it. So over the last few weeks we have been thinking and imagining this "after". For the past 6 years, Poudre Organic has been offering you quality basics, which you appreciate for their timelessness. It's time for us to get away from fast fashion and the obsolescence of collections, which in the end is not beneficial for anyone. "Is it normal that our iconic Charme blouse is obsolete a few weeks after its production? By the simple fact that it is one shade different from the one that will replace it the following season?" That's why we have decided to offer you a very nice collection of permanent items from January onwards, after the winter 2020 collection, which is already in production. Don't worry, there will be some new items. But they will be created at our own pace, according to our own calendar, which is based on your needs and not on the models of the large groups that we have been imposing on ourselves until now. We are convinced that many of you will understand this project, and will join it. We look forward to presenting you with more information about our ambitions for the more sustainable fashion we all dream of. In the meantime, enjoy your loved ones and take care of yourself.

Manon & Quentin

Trousseau de naissance

Newborn kit

Billie joined our now big family on March 21st. So, the preparation of the birth kit is still very fresh for us: ) And contrary to popular belief, there is no need to buy a lot of things to be ready for the big day. It's better to buy little and intelligently, here are a few tips: 1. Choose a small palette of 3 to 4 colors that can easily be mixed. This will facilitate the composition of small looks, and simplify the laundry. 2. Choose soft, natural and easy-care fabrics. In which you will want to curl your baby. 3. Choose for the birth of the 1 month that will suit all babies. And if baby is small, you will make some reverses the 1st weeks. So for the newborn kit we advise you: 2 bonnets, 6 bodies, 4 pyjamas, 2 leggings, 2 terry trousers, 2 terry wrap cardigans, 2 wool and cotton cardigans, 2 blouses, 6 bandana bibs, 6 small swaddles, 4 large swaddles, 1 blanket, 2 sleeping bags. You are now ready to enjoy your new baby...

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