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L'interview 'one word' de Constance

Constance's 'one word' interview

Newly arrived in our beloved store in Burgundy, Constance gives herself up to the 'one word' interview:

One word for ... define yourself : Open-minded. I had the chance to work in Germany and England. This allowed me to learn a lot about the way people work and to adapt myself more and more.
A word to ... your passions : Creative. Between drawing, baking, sewing and playing the piano, I am always busy.
One word for ... your fights: Environment. I dare to hope that I can contribute in my small way to the protection of the planet. I pay attention to my consumption in general, from a food point of view (local and seasonal products) and clothing (less purchase but more quality and ethics: Goodbye Fast Fashion)!
A word to ... what inspires you : Nature. Nothing better than a nice walk in the vineyards of Burgundy to clear your mind.
A word for ... define Poudre Organic : Committed. Poudre Organic, for me, is above all beautiful products with great designs but also an ethical and responsible approach. Indispensable today !
Meet Constance at the Poudre Organic store
Passage Manifacier in Auxerre from Tuesday to Saturday

les vacances aux Cabanettes

Summer in Arles

Here we are! The summer vacations, the heat of the sun on the skin, the mistral wind blows and dries in no time the small skins still salted of the children just out of water. We put down our suitcases in Arles, the time of a mid-week out of time. Precisely at the Cabanettes, a motel built on the side of the departmental road 572 between 1965 and 1967, and remained in the same state since all these years.

We enjoy the architectural details, the sixties spirit, but also the swimming pool and the nearby Camargue.

Arles welcomes us during its "rencontres", an internationally renowned photography festival that has taken place every summer since 1970. A tour in the sunny streets of the little Rome of the Gauls and it's already time to go back to Burgundy, not without having immortalized all this under the lens of our photographer Ali, who came especially for the occasion.

Have a good summer, enjoy life,
Manon & Quentin

La (vraie) mode éthique

The (real) ethical fashion

A fair fashion, which fairly remunerates all the links in the chain, this is what we advocate at Poudre Organic. But not only...

Working in good conditions, socially and financially, is essential for you. It is also essential for our seamstresses, dyers and transporters. So let's not forget that behind a price, it is a whole manufacturing process that is hidden. We tell you everything:

1. The creation, French, here in our offices in Burgundy. Then the pattern making in our design workshop.

2. The production and harvesting of the raw material, exclusively from organic farming. At Poudre Organic, no question of cutting our organic cotton with another material.

3. Then comes the spinning and knitting, then the dyeing and/or printing.

4. Then the making, in a human-sized workshop in the heart of Portugal, cradle of textile know-how in Europe.

All these steps are carried out by human beings. If we want everyone to be respected and paid properly, selling you a t-shirt at 10€ is impossible.

So when we offer you these prices, it is necessarily that at some point someone pays the price...

At Poudre Organic, we have chosen our partners one by one. In particular, our small, family-owned garment factory that employs about 20 people. We've been loyal to them since 2014 and have built a real, lasting partnership with them.

We all have the means to change things. Consume less, but better.

See you soon, Manon & Quentin

Mista : la mixité par Poudre Organic

Mista: the diversity by Poudre Organic

Because we are in the 21st century, because fashion is not a question of gender, because the notion of sharing is even more meaningful today. Here is MISTA, a mixed collection of essentials to share. For the record, it was during our stay in Portugal that the idea of creating a mixed collection was born. So when we had to find the name of this collection, it was very naturally the idea of finding a Portuguese-speaking term that came to us. Mixed in Portuguese is Mista.

1 jacket, 1 hoodie, 1 shirt and 1 t-shirt, available now in S, M, L and now XL! No concession on the fabric, which is always 100% organic, nor on the manufacturing, Portuguese of course : )

We can't wait to see you in Mista...

See you soon,
Manon & Quentin



It's been almost a year since we've been juggling between going back to work, face-to-face, and telecommuting. This means that we obviously spend more time at home. So even if we are at home, at Poudre Organic we thought that we should feel good there. And what could be better than a little homewear set to chill (or work)? In organic cotton of course, and for the finish it's ribbed or pointelle, and even a sweatshirt in the softest of sponges.

And since teasing is always welcome, guess what? New items are coming very soon...

Atelier recyclage

Recycling workshop

Today we take you to our workshop in Portugal, where we have been working hand in hand for 6 years now. And things are changing here too. We recycle all the waste, and I mean all of it.

The cuts of fabric are optimized to leave only tiny scraps, as you can see on the picture on your left. They themselves are valorized to become traditional Portuguese carpets. They are collected under the machines, all equipped with compressed air garbage cans.

Plastic and paper? They are also sorted and recycled at 100%. Every day a company dedicated to waste recovery comes to collect the plastic and paper waste in compostable bags.

Finally, our workshop and ourselves are involved in the SEAQUAL initiative. A project that aims to collect and use marine waste to make our oceans clean. We will dedicate an entire article to this initiative. In the meantime you can discover SEAQUAL here.

We now let you discover by yourselves what our workshop is capable of.

See you soon,
Manon & Quentin

Our shops

We are very happy to welcome you in the heart of the shopping district of the new Château d'Eau, a few steps away from the famous Treasury, the gourmet bakery Mamiche or the sultry Henriette H.

38 Rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris

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Passage Manifacier, 6 Rue Fécauderie, 89000 Auxerre

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