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This is it, here we are! The whole family has been in Porto for 1 month already, after a 4 days trip from our native Burgundy to this city that will welcome us for the next 12 months at least.

This idea has been in our heads for 2 years. With Quentin, we came to see the Azulejos a few times a year to follow the production of our linens, and enjoy the ocean. And when it was time to go back, it was with a touch of gloom that we left behind the undefeated city as it likes to be called.

So we decided to come back with the kids and never leave again. A one-way ticket for the adventure that was going to be written for 6. Billie having joined us during the preparation of this family project.

When we arrived, the first impressions confirmed that everything was in place for us to spend a year out of the ordinary, and so different from our daily life in Burgundy. On Wednesdays, after school, it's beach time for everyone. On weekends, we enjoy the Douro and the Eléctrico, the traditional electric train that runs through the city.

We still have a thousand things to do in Porto before returning home. Unless it's here at home...

See you soon for the next adventures of Poudre Organic in Portugal,
Manon & Quentin