How to choose the 'Click & Collect' delivery available in our two stores?

To choose the 'Click & Collect' delivery, you just have to finalize your order and once you have chosen your carrier, you will be able to select the store that suits you. The shipping costs will disappear at the time of payment.

How long does it take to be delivered when I place a 'Click & Collect' order?

To limit our impact on the environment, we group your orders in click & collect once a week. The delivery time can vary from 3 days to 10 days.

How do I know when my Click & Collect package is ready in store?

As soon as your package is received in the store, our store manager will contact you personally to inform you.

What are the delivery costs?

For France, the delivery costs are free from 80 € of purchases. For the other European countries, they are offered from 150€ for Europe, and from 250€ for the rest of the world.

What is the delivery time for an order?

Delivery times are 3 to 4 working days in France from the dispatch of the warehouse. For other countries, the delays can be up to 10 days.

We deliver to all countries where we can deliver your order. Today, we deliver to more than 80 countries.

What do the different statuses related to my order mean?

- Payment accepted : your payment has worked, your order will be prepared.
- In preparation: we are preparing your beautiful order.
- In delivery : your package has been given to our carrier and the delivery is in progress.

My status remains "in progress" is this normal?

Your status will remain in delivery even if you have already been delivered, this will not impact your possible requests for returns or exchanges.

I don't have any information about my delivery, what should I do?

If your tracking number does not appear, please wait 1 to 2 days. The tracking may take some time to be updated, it is the time that our carrier retrieves your order. If you do not see your tracking evolve, we invite you to write to us on serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr and we will contact the carrier to bring you a solution quickly.

I did not receive my package, what should I do?

First of all, we invite you to contact the carrier to have more information on the location of your package or the person to whom it was delivered. If you are unable to locate it, you can contact our team at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr so that we can help you find a solution. We may need to open an investigation. In order to save time, you can directly attach a copy of your identity card to your email as well as a certificate of non-receipt of the package.

My package was returned to the sender, how do I get my order back?

If you did not have time to pick up your package in your relay point or that your package was not delivered but returned to the sender, you will be directly refunded upon receipt of your package with us. The delay can exceed 10 days.


I have not created an account, how do I request a return?

Contact our customer service at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr with your order number and the items concerned. Our team will then process your request directly and you will receive an approval email with all the information.

How do I make my return?

1/ Go to your customer account.

2/ Go to the order concerned then select your item and your reason for return

3/ Within 48 hours you will receive an approval email with the necessary information to make your return. To benefit from your refund, your product must be intact: not washed, not worn and with the original label.

I have made my return but I have not received the approval email.

First of all, we invite you to check your spams. If the email still does not appear then we invite you to contact our customer service at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr

I don't have a return coupon, why?

You are responsible for return shipping costs.

How do I make my exchange?

1/ Go to your customer account on our website.

2/ Go to the order concerned then select your article and indicate the desired size. Please note that only the exchange of a size of the same price is possible. Otherwise we invite you to place a new order.

3/ Within 48 hours you will receive an approval email with the address where to make your return. Exchanges are only available for France.

My Account

How to create a Poudre Organic account?

Compose your cart, we will then propose you to validate it by creating an account and subscribing to our newsletter

How do I log in and out of my Poudre Organic account?

Go to the 'my account' icon, and click on LOGOUT

How to subscribe to the Poudre Organic newsletter?

You have an insert at the bottom of the home page. You just have to enter your email to be informed of all the news!

How to unsubscribe to the Poudre Organic newsletter?

At the bottom of each newsletter is an 'unsubscribe' link. Click on it and we will not send you any more emails. You can also send an email to serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr

How do I manage my delivery addresses?

You have the possibility to save your delivery addresses so that you do not have to re-enter them when placing your order, or to delete them. To do this, go to your space "My account / My Addresses".

How do I retrieve my password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the "Account" area and click on "Forgot your password? You will then receive an email allowing you to reset it.

How do I delete my Poudre Organic account?

If you wish to delete your Poudre Organic account, please contact us at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr. This action will result in the loss of all your order history.


What payment methods are available?

You have the possibility of paying your orders:
- By credit card
- By Paypal
- Or by using your credit notes (attention the credit notes have a limited duration)

You can also make a purchase from our stores with a remote payment system.

What are the conditions for remote purchases in the store?

We propose remote purchases in store only for France when a part is no longer available online. All these purchases have the same conditions as the purchases made in store. Only exchanges or credit notes are possible. We offer you free shipping from 80€ of purchase in France.

How do I pay for my order using my credit?

To benefit from your credit, simply enter the code in the box in your shopping cart. All credits have a limited duration. If you have any problems, please contact our customer service at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr

Are all payments on your site secure?

Your banking information is never in our possession. The transactions are entirely processed by the secure payment module of our banking partner. Your payment is totally secure.

My payment has been refused, what should I do?

If your payment could not be completed, do not hesitate to place your order with another payment method or to contact your bank.

Where are my bills?

Your invoices can be downloaded in your customer area "my account / my orders".

Can we benefit from the tax exemption?

Our e-shop does not allow you to benefit from the tax exemption.


How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

You will receive an email to notify you when the refund has been processed. Please allow 7-10 business days for our team to process your return package.

Is it possible to reserve an item no longer in stock?

It is not possible to reserve an item in advance. We invite you to use the "notify me" function to be informed as soon as the article is back in stock.

How do I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, we invite you to send us an email to serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr as soon as possible. These steps are possible if your order has not yet been prepared or shipped. Otherwise, you will have to return it to us.

Is it possible to change the size of an item in my order?

You can contact our customer service as soon as possible at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr. If there is still time, we can contact our logistics department to make the size change. This will be possible if it is at the same price.

Is it possible to add an item to my already prepared order?

You can contact our customer service as soon as possible at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr. If there is still time we will provide you with a shipping code to place a new order and we will ask our customer service to merge your two orders so that you do not have to pay shipping twice. If our logistics department has already processed your order then we are sorry, we will not be able to merge the two orders.

How do I change my delivery address?

If there is still time, we can make a change of address for you, for this contact us as soon as possible at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr


I have a defect on one of my parts, what can I do?

Each piece is made in our workshop in Portugal, then washed and checked before being packed and labeled in our compostable bags. If, despite all our quality controls, your piece should have a small defect, we invite you to contact our Customer Service at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr

Do not forget to attach to your message photos of your defective part as well as the reference of the concerned item. This will help us to offer you the best solution.

Where are the parts designed and manufactured?

The pieces are designed in France and then made in Portugal in our workshop with which we collaborate every day.

How do I care for my Poudre Organic products?

Most of our pieces can be washed at 30° without tumble drying. Some specific pieces are indicated for hand drying. All our washing instructions are present on the label sewn inside the product and also on our online product sheets.

I received my piece, it smells like perfume has it been worn yet?

Each piece is thoroughly washed by our workshop before being packed and shipped. It is possible that our good smell of detergent persists, don't worry your piece is all clean.

I hesitate between two sizes, which one to choose?

We put our sizing advice on each of our online product sheets. If you need more information you can contact our customer service on serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr or directly our sales consultants in store.

Are your materials processed?

For the sake of everyone and our beautiful planet, our products do not contain any chemical agents. This may explain why some pieces, such as those made of terrycloth, may change slightly after the first few washes because they do not contain any stabilizers. For this type of pieces we advise you to take a size above.

Why is there a color difference on some products?

For your sake, your children's and the planet's we have chosen not to use chlorine on our fabrics. This explains why our natural cotton can present some shades of color from one production to another.

What are the Poudre Organic pieces made of?

Our pieces are mainly made of organically grown cotton, without chemical treatment. For the rest, like our fake fur, we use recycled materials.

Are your fabrics GOTS & Oeko-tex certified?

All our fabrics are certified.

Where are the Poudre Organic pieces made?

All our beautiful pieces are made with love in our workshop in northern Portugal.

Where do your fabrics come from?

The cotton for our pieces comes from Turkey, on the borders of Europe.

On the mineral collection, I see stains and wear marks even though my product is new, is this normal?

The color of the pieces in this collection is obtained from a mineral dye. The color, appearance and wear of each piece may vary, making your garment unique. In addition to the beauty of the shades, this biodegradable process is derived from natural and renewable sources. This process dyes the garments with stones, which gives a worn, vintage effect to the product that will become more pronounced with time. This is the charm of this dye. ♥

My children have slim hips, I hesitate on the size of the trousers?

All our trousers have a tightening system at the waist. On the inside you will see an elastic band and a button with several tightening notches which allows you to adjust the waistband so that it doesn't slip off your child's hips. This also allows you to keep it longer.

Why are you often out of stock on expected products?

We are very concerned about our impact on the environment and try to limit overstocking. We work daily to find the best balance in our stock management. We increase our volumes each season by improving our quantities as much as possible according to your desires.

Why did you prefer a permanent collection?

We have chosen to have a permanent collection in order to go further in our desire for sustainability to consume better in order to limit our impact on the environment. We are convinced that our buying behavior plays an important role for the environment. We have opted for a permanent collection with timeless pieces, mixed and with mixable colors to be able to add them to your wardrobe without having to redo everything.

I lost the button of my piece, I did not find a replacement button how to do?

Rare are the cases where we use spare buttons in our pieces. That's why we decided to limit the production of buttons in order to reduce the environmental impact and its cost. Of course we will send you back the thread and a button if you misplace it. For this type of request, you can contact our customer service at serviceclient@poudreorganic.fr

Why packaging on products?

Packaging allows us to preserve our products from handling and transport. It is essential to protect our pieces. Our pouches are reusable, they can be opened and closed again, which limits the waste during handling by our different teams. And above all we have worked hard on a 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging. It is made of potato starch and protects both our products and our planet.