Our history


We are Manon & Quentin, a couple in life, and parents of four inspiring daughters. poudreorganic was born in Manon's head thanks to them, at a time when we were looking for clothes for them that met our criteria: comfort, durability, accessibility, made in Europe. As you can imagine, we weren't able to meet all these criteria, so we set off on our adventure! With manufacturing and accessibility in mind, Manon first imagined blouses, then leggings, then sweatshirts, and now it's from head to toe that poudreorganic dresses the little ones... and the grown-ups. In fact, a few years after the launch of the first kids' collections, the desire arose to let adults (parents or not) benefit from the materials, colors and cuts of poudreorganic.

1. comfort

Looking good... very good! But dressing up is also about making life easier and feeling good. Not having to ask yourself a thousand questions when you open your wardrobe; resting your mind by choosing comfortable, well-made favorites every morning.We advocate a minimalist wardrobe, made up of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched without limit.

2. durability

First, the choice of materials: organic cotton, sourced as close as possible to where it's made, without chemical treatment or chlorine. GOTS and Oeko-tex certified dyes. European manufacturing, in Guimarães in northern Portugal, to create solid garments that can be worn again and again, passed on from the oldest to the youngest, and sold on the second-hand market.

3. accessibility

Making well-made clothes affordable and accessible is one of poudreorganic's avowed aims. By ensuring impeccable quality and customer service, we make your favorite pieces last, thus moderating the multiplication of purchases. We also limit our margins so that we can continue to offer you quality parts at the right price. So that everyone involved, from the cotton supplier to the dyer to the seamstress, is properly remunerated.

4. made in Europe

We believe in the European project. With this in mind, we are committed to manufacturing 100% of our products in Europe. Not only do we guarantee quality manufacturing, but we also ensure that all those involved in our production chain benefit from working conditions that comply with European legislation.

We sincerely hope that you will find on poudreorganic everything you need for a pleasant, minimalist and responsible wardrobe. For our part, we're continuing to imagine the future within the spectre of poudreorganic, firstly by developing our second-hand system, and secondly by adding value to our old collections... but we won't tell you any more, and we're keeping these projects a secret for some time to come, projects that will shape tomorrow's fashion.

See yousoon,
Manon & Quentin

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