Pants guide

The importance of good trousers for our children. As parents of 4 girls, we know how important this is. Trousers that don't fall down, that are sturdy and won't come back ripped after a few days, and that you can wear with everything, even on sports days at school.


This is the practical one of the bunch. It's mixed, available in plain or stripes, and even in Leopard (there are still a few left 🤫 ). In ribbed or jersey, it goes with every kid's look.

Pomelos gaze

The cutest for sure. Made from double gauze, it's so supple it gives an instant look to the whole outfit. Pair with the BELLADONE or the ORGEAT t-shirt for example!

Pomelos denim

You've probably heard of the 7/8th, the biggest powderorganic success around the world. And not for nothing... Timeless denim!

Gesse knit

Wear these trousers now! Made from cotton knit, they'll add a 70s touch to any outfit. Available in 3 colours: Almond Milk, Pastel Yellow and Cashew. Wear with CANNEBERGE for a total look!


Designed more for the little ones, these trousers will give your child flexibility and agility during their days at nursery or at home.
All our trousers are made in Portugal, in a human-sized workshop. We only use organic cotton, and the washes are chemical-free.