Newly arrived in our beloved store in Burgundy, Constance gives herself up to the 'one word' interview:

One word for ... define yourself : Open-minded. I had the chance to work in Germany and England. This allowed me to learn a lot about the way people work and to adapt myself more and more.
A word to ... your passions : Creative. Between drawing, baking, sewing and playing the piano, I am always busy.
One word for ... your fights: Environment. I dare to hope that I can contribute in my small way to the protection of the planet. I pay attention to my consumption in general, from a food point of view (local and seasonal products) and clothing (less purchase but more quality and ethics: Goodbye Fast Fashion)!
A word to ... what inspires you : Nature. Nothing better than a nice walk in the vineyards of Burgundy to clear your mind.
A word for ... define Poudre Organic : Committed. Poudre Organic, for me, is above all beautiful products with great designs but also an ethical and responsible approach. Indispensable today !
Meet Constance at the Poudre Organic store
Passage Manifacier in Auxerre from Tuesday to Saturday