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A fair fashion, which fairly remunerates all the links in the chain, this is what we advocate at Poudre Organic. But not only...

Working in good conditions, socially and financially, is essential for you. It is also essential for our seamstresses, dyers and transporters. So let's not forget that behind a price, it is a whole manufacturing process that is hidden. We tell you everything:

1. The creation, French, here in our offices in Burgundy. Then the pattern making in our design workshop.

2. The production and harvesting of the raw material, exclusively from organic farming. At Poudre Organic, no question of cutting our organic cotton with another material.

3. Then comes the spinning and knitting, then the dyeing and/or printing.

4. Then the making, in a human-sized workshop in the heart of Portugal, cradle of textile know-how in Europe.

All these steps are carried out by human beings. If we want everyone to be respected and paid properly, selling you a t-shirt at 10€ is impossible.

So when we offer you these prices, it is necessarily that at some point someone pays the price...

At Poudre Organic, we have chosen our partners one by one. In particular, our small, family-owned garment factory that employs about 20 people. We've been loyal to them since 2014 and have built a real, lasting partnership with them.

We all have the means to change things. Consume less, but better.

See you soon, Manon & Quentin