Is the fabric an important element for you when choosing a garment?

"I like soft and comfortable materials, especially for children. They need to be comfortable to move as they wish. I prefer pretty natural materials like linen, cotton gauze, wool or even organic cotton."

What materials do you favour and why?

"I like linen for its eco-friendliness and it's super resistant, perfect for our little monsters. I like cotton gauze for its comfort, its softness and above all there is no need to iron. I like wool for its comforting softness, and the fact that it keeps warm (I'm very cold)".


Is the choice of color random or do you stick to a particular palette?

"For colors, I prefer warm shades and natural colors (earth, ochre, camel, sand, ecru...) and otherwise rather basic jeans and black & white.

For you, what is the essential basic in your children's wardrobe?

"A basic? Pomelo jeans are great, we love them and the cut is perfect.

You have 'carte blanche' to create a Poudre Organic love silhouette?

"This season's favorite: Mure almond milk jacket, pomelo jeans or denim bloomer, a bourrache linen almond milk t-shirt, a scarf around the neck or tied in the hair."