The current period of lockdown will have reinforced one idea, that time is precious. And that it is probably time to stop chasing it. So over the last few weeks we have been thinking and imagining this "after". For the past 6 years, Poudre Organic has been offering you quality basics, which you appreciate for their timelessness. It's time for us to get away from fast fashion and the obsolescence of collections, which in the end is not beneficial for anyone. "Is it normal that our iconic Charme blouse is obsolete a few weeks after its production? By the simple fact that it is one shade different from the one that will replace it the following season?" That's why we have decided to offer you a very nice collection of permanent items from January onwards, after the winter 2020 collection, which is already in production. Don't worry, there will be some new items. But they will be created at our own pace, according to our own calendar, which is based on your needs and not on the models of the large groups that we have been imposing on ourselves until now. We are convinced that many of you will understand this project, and will join it. We look forward to presenting you with more information about our ambitions for the more sustainable fashion we all dream of. In the meantime, enjoy your loved ones and take care of yourself.

Manon & Quentin