Poudre Organic was born in 2014. Since then we have been developing a fashion around 3 pillars which are : ecology, social commitment & materials. A few years later, what made the essence of the brand has remained at the center of our concerns.

Poudre Organic's impact on the environment continues to guide our choices. First of all, because our personal consumption is driven by the search for the lowest possible environmental impact. In other words, local, sensible consumption.

The social dimension perfectly matches this first point. Ecological materials of course, but made in Europe. Not at the end of the world. Portugal came as an obvious choice, its textile know-how, its proximity and its history seducing us. But even in Portugal, there was no question of choosing a workshop that stretched as far as the eye could see. We carefully chose a human-sized workshop, where the rights of the seamstresses are fully exercised.

Finally, the material. The one we are in contact with every day. Sometimes linen, sometimes recycled synthetic fibers, sometimes organic cotton. The one that becomes in its turn a diaper, a garment or an accessory. The one that now dresses the whole family in a minimalist and sustainable way from baby to adult. The one that comes to life under Manon's pencil strokes in France. Our choice was made on organically grown cotton, cultivated in Turkey, dyed and made in Europe.

The circle is complete, Poudre Organic continues its road with you, and with projects full of head (and full of sense) for this year 2022...